Kitchen Remodeling

Latest Trends for Remodelling Your Kitchen in Baltimore
By Avantika 


In many houses, the kitchen is the one place where everyone congregates. As such, when remodelling your kitchen, you should invest wisely in it to ensure that it is as pleasant, comfortable and spacious as you can make it. The examples below highlight some of the latest trends in many kitchens. 

Kitchen cabinets 

Many kitchens today are large with an ‘open concept’ where the kitchen is no longer confined to four walls. In the process, people are asking for larger islands with cabinets and functional drawer inserts already installed. As such, the trend is to do away with wall cabinets altogether. Where cabinets are used, designers are inclined to opt for dark, rich and glossy colours like deep blue, sage green, yellow, chocolate brown, red and, in particular, black. 


Stone has become the trendy option for countertops in modern kitchens. Here are some tips to help you select the right kind of stone: 

• Natural veining – this tends to hide stains and grime better than others. 
• Ochre veining – this echoes the rest of your kitchen if you are using bright paints and tiles. 
• Granite – this goes well with kitchen cabinets that have a dark, rich and glossy colour. 

There are three distinct features of a sink you must keep in mind: 

• Built-in drain – this means that the drain board is built into the side of the sink with drain lines that are designed to run into the sink. 
• Water filters – this allows you to obtain clean, filtered water straight from the tap. 
• ‘Undermount kitchen sinks’ – this means that your sink is recessed into your countertop. As such, it takes up less space, makes your countertop look seamless and no dirt will gather around the rim of your kitchen sink. 


An island has become the focal point and icon of a modern kitchen. While you are busy cooking and cleaning, an island offers a place for your family and friends to socialise while keeping you company. Yet, they will not be in your way as you prepare your meals. 


Nothing says trendy more than having kitchen appliances ...

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